We All Scream For Ice Cream In Dublin GA

kids getting ice cream

July is National Ice Cream Month, so collect your cones because it’s time to delight in some refreshing cool creamy goodness in Dublin, GA.

Endless Amounts of Flavors

Chocolate get you cheered up? Vanilla make you feel va’va’voom? Would you jump through hoops for fruity scoops? No matter what you like, there’s a flavor out there for you. Baskin-Robbins has more than 1,300 choices in its flavor library. Explore their vast array of flavors while connecting and making special memories with friends and family at 1949 Veterans Boulevard.

Soft-Served & Signature Ice Cream

There’s nothing more American than ice cream, and there’s no better way to cool down during the summer. Soft-serve & signature shakes top the menu at both Dairy Queen locations in town. Sweet, cold, vanilla ice cream mixed, dipped, or topped with your choice of fruit, syrup, or candy. Whichever way you choose, you cannot go wrong. Venture beyond downtown to the East Jackson Street location, or satisfy your sweet tooth while shopping at the Veterans Boulevard location.

Ice Cream In The Park

Bring the churn, a bag of ice and salt, and make your own delicious mixed cool treat, while having a family picnic at Stubbs Park. This allows you to create any flavor under the sun. From the most exotic fruits to cookies and cream and everything in between, you have full creative freedom to make whatever you want. Grab some fresh fruit at Market on Madison on Saturdays to create very berry scoops.

Frozen Treats

Looking for a perfect place to stay out of the heat and enjoy a sweet and cool treat? Try a shaved, creamy or candied ice flavor treat from Sno Biz in almost any flavor your mind can envision. Hydrate under an umbrella on their porch or take it to go, and do not forget to bring your dog for a pup cup and some love.

Mobile Ice Cream

Hop, skip and jump out to Dexter for a refreshing good time! Dexter Ice Cream sets up their food truck style ice cream shop at 224 East Main Street in Dexter, GA. While you lap up sweet sugary goodness, head over the Dexter Meat Company and Dexter Produce to get all the fixins’ for your next meal. Visit the ice cream truck on the weekends, or they will come to you for birthday parties, work events or any celebration!

Waffle Ala Mode

I can’t help it. I have one more treat to share with you that can be eaten year round, and it involves ice cream. Which of course, screams summer. Savor the sweetness with a Waffle Ala Mode from Company Supply… a fried waffle, vanilla bean ice cream, cinnamon, sugar & caramel topped with pan fried apples is a dessert perfect for any time of year.