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9 Ways To DubJam

This week the question that’s on our mind is… #doyouevenDubJam! Here’s are 10 ways to find out how to #DubJam in #DublinGA! 1. Jammin’ ….and we hope you like jamming too as The Woofs riff under the trees of Stubbs Park… Continue Reading →

11 Ways To Get Jammin’ in Dublin GA

#DublinGA is jam packed with good eats, dancing to the beats, movies and treats and peaceful easy sleeps.  Here’s our 11 Ways To Get Jammin’ 1. Table Jam Hand pick a #GeorgiaGrown table spread at Market on Madison  Saturday from 7:30… Continue Reading →

13 Ways To Be A Star in Dublin GA

There’s countless ways to reach for the stars! Flash those smiles, here’s our favorite ways to shine bright in #DublinGA! 1. Social Media Star Be the star of the day in #DublinGA with a visit to the dog park at the Visitors Center where… Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Selfie in Dublin GA

Live in the moment but first…lemme take a selfie! Here’s our favorite ways to snap the perfect selfie in Dublin GA. 1. Action, lights, show Capture a selfie under a breathtaking fireworks display at dark Wednesday, July 4th at Southern… Continue Reading →

14 Ways To Have A Blast in Dublin GA

We are bursting into summer in #Dublin GA with Independence Day celebrations, diving into cool fun and dazzling the palate with our 14 Ways To Have A Blast! 1. Let Freedom Ring Let the kids have a blast in the kids zone at Days of Independence… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Brunch is Life in Dublin GA

Brunch. It’s one of those words that can sit there by itself and be fabulous. It simply radiates with the good stuff of life. Brunch. The word, the event, the lifestyle that is brunch is one that is here to stay. Here’s how to get your… Continue Reading →

14 Ways To Make History in Dublin GA

History is who we are and shapes who we can be. Discover history for yourself in #DublinGA with our 15 Ways To Make History! (Fun tip: We want to see your adventures, capture your journey on social media with hashtag DublinGA!) 1. Snail Mail Explore… Continue Reading →

9 Ways Dublin GA is Rocking Summertime

There’s no place like home, and when your home is #DublinGA, you know summertime is going to rock! Here’s the top ten ways Dublin is rocking summertime! 1. Creative Juices Get your creative juices flowing as Atlanta artist Corey… Continue Reading →