My CoffeeShop

  • 306 Academy Avenue, Dublin, GA, United States
  • 478-304-5100
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  • Hours:
    Monday - Wednesday, 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
    Thursday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
    Saturday, 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

My CoffeeShop is located in Downtown Dublin inside the Fred Roberts Hotel, next to the Dublin Theater. With its European influence and the traditional flair of a cozy coffee shop, My CoffeeShop is unlike anything else in Dublin and offers a wonderful meeting point for friends, family and business partners.

A Taste of Europe

My CoffeeShop offers a wide variety of drink choices from regular coffee to specialty blended coffee creations. But even people who don’t drink coffee will find a wide selection of Smoothies, Blendas (blended milkshakes), tea and soft drinks. For the afternoon, My CoffeeShop also offers a selection of red and white wines as well as various domestic and international beers. The Shop also offers breakfast snacks like oatmeal, sausage croissants and bagels and a healthy lunch menu with signature build-your-own sandwiches and salads, which are all freshly prepared with healthy and delicious ingredients. And with the variety of ingredients you can always come up with a new sandwich creation.  The appetizer menu offers snacks like Italian style wings, a Veggie & Dip Plate or Spinach and Cheese Pockets, which can be paired perfectly with a glass of refreshing Italian Pinot Grigio or a full bodied Cabernet. Comfortable indoor seating options offer a relaxing atmosphere, where customers can enjoy their coffee. The seating options also expand to the outside with tables in the patio next to the fountain, where your four legged friends can hang out with you.

Music & Books

My CoffeeShop hosts a vibrant schedule of events, like live music, a book clubs and weekly Happy Hours, where Dublin’s artists showcase their talent and interests for others to enjoy. My CoffeeShop welcomes everybody to participate in the artistic creation and daily life at Dublin’s local coffee shop. For upcoming events, visit the My CoffeeShop website.

The My CoffeeShop mission is to create an inspiring and relaxing environment where customers have a chance to retreat and enjoy their coffee. High quality, unique customer service and respect towards everybody are the My CoffeeShop values.

My CoffeeShop

306 Academy Avenue, Dublin, GA, United States

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