Sweet T’s Bakery

  • 126 W Madison St. Ste D Dublin, GA
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  • Hours:
    Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-7 PM
    Friday & Saturday, 9 AM-8 PM
    Sunday, 9 AM-4 PM

Dublin GA has an answer to the Southern quest for all things sweet! From sweet tea to twelve layer cakes, there’s a new take on living the sweet, Southern way: Sweet T’s Bakery. 

Sweet T’s Bakery

Tucked into a tiny shop in Downtown Dublin, owner Toni takes sweetness to new levels with her specialty caramel apples. Located in the SunTech building on Madison Street, Toni whips up creative takes on traditional. Take the Heavenly: she starts with a perfectly tart Golden apple, coats it in a thin layer of homemade caramel, and then rolls it in a mixture of spices and glaze that hardens to a perfect sugar crisp reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  One bite and you will believe in the age-old adage “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!”

Journey to a Dream

Sweet T’s is not your average bakery. In its history is the journey of a woman brave enough to follow her heart and work for her dreams.

Originally located in Las Vegas, Nevada as only a special order bakery, Toni followed her heart, saw swing doors open, and blocked paths cleared. Questions were answered, and Sweet T’s has now found a permanent home with a storefront location in Dublin GA. Chat with Toni about her journey, and you’ll get the answer each of us who once lived in bigger, far flung cities give about Dublin: “I was meant to live in Dublin.” Destiny is sweet, as sweet as home sweet home and Sweet T’s banana cupcakes.

Our Favorite Things

Ask a local what their favorite Sweet T’s treat is, and you will receive answers as varied as Toni’s candied apples. Try her banana vanilla wafer cupcakes and with one bite the melding of her lightly sweet buttercream icing and spiced banana will have you at hello.

Where to start with her quickly becoming famous candied apples? From the Cookie to the Heavenly, these are not your typical candied apples. They’re a sweet dream AND Toni cuts it into perfect bite sized slices. This makes it great for sharing- but let’s be honest, you won’t want to share these tasty apples!

How about Toni’s range of chocolate covered strawberries? Or the scrumptious rice krispy treats! 

Here at the Dublin Visitors Center, our pet visitors prefer the handcrafted human grade dog treats! We hand them out by the bagful.


Sweet T’s Bakery

126 W Madison St. Ste D Dublin, GA

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