Tumpies Family Steakhouse

  • 1049 Snellbridge Road, East Dublin, GA, United States
  • 478-272-2994
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  • Hours:
    Thursday 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM
    Friday 5 PM to 9:30 PM
    Saturday 5 PM to 9:30 PM

Get off the beaten path and head to the scenic Laurens County countryside for down home meal with all the fixins’. Situated on an idylic farm, Tumpies Family Steakhouse cooks up a classic American fare in a historic farmhouse.

Farm to Table…Kind of

The Tumpie’s experience begins as soon as you drive up. The view is true Southern at its best: acres of farmland dotted with barns and equipment with blue skies and rolling clouds. And then there’s the animals wandering the property. Chickens, ducks, goats, and ponies welcome you and clammer for affection. People lounge on the farmhouse porch, chatting. Walk inside, and you’ll soon see why this is a local favorite. Family heirlooms and a cheery stone fireplace dominate the dining room, people say “hey” from across the room, and the smells! There may be a short wait, but it’s worth it!

Their steak options are second to none! Prime rib, porterhouse, filet, ribeye. All your favorite cuts are here at Tumpies, fired to perfection.

Whether you need a table for two or 10, Tumpies serves fresh seafood, burgers to delight, thick, hand cut steak, and juicy pork chops. With side items like salad, hushpuppies, home cooked fries or seasoned veggies, your meal is almost complete. But first an appetizer! Start your meal with gator tail, frog legs, or a crispy battered blooming onion, all prepared in house and to order. With options like the 18 oz PorterHouse Steak, catfish, or fried oysters, Tumpie’s offers up all the flavor of the South. A decadant slice of key lime pie, chocolate cake, or cheesecake may feel like more than your tummy can handle, but go for it! Everyone deserves a a good food coma every once in a while.experience.

The History

In 1869 Jim and Anne Brantley with the help of some friends, cut the towering pines from their property and built their home. Home to many generations of Brantley’s the home was purchased by Albert and Tumpie Clark in 1983. During Tumpie’s life time, she was well know for her delicious cooking and her hospitality. When Tumpie passed away in 1998, her son in law, Wayne Shaw resolved to build a small restaurant and began remodling the house. The walls hold many of Tumpie’s prized possesions from small scraps of quilting material, her prized Elvis Presley collection, and nostalgic household items from a by-gone era. Precious old photos adorn the walls and tell the tale of the Brantley Family and of Albert and Tumpie Clark’s life in Laurens County.

Tumpies Family Steakhouse

1049 Snellbridge Road, East Dublin, GA, United States

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