Who Is Visit Dublin GA?

Visit Dublin GA is the tourism marketing organization for Laurens County. In simple words, we
advertise the best of the best attractions, hotels, businesses, and events in Laurens County. See that ad in Atlanta, Georgia Travel Guide, Better Homes & Gardens, Georgia Eats, Parade, or a Dublin destination featured online? Yup, that’s us. We work with travel writers, bloggers, and publications from around the world to spread the #DublinGA word.

We build the things tourists love. Dublin Carnegie? Yeah, we helped with that. Rock out at DubJam? Us too. Get inspired at Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park? You guessed it…us and a whole lot of partners!

You get the idea. We pay to advertise Laurens County and its small, locally owned businesses in print, digital, social media, and television outlets at zero cost to the business. Why? Because you’re the best. We know it and the world deserves to experience it.

What we do

This tiny nonprofit packs a big punch when it comes to showcasing Dublin and Georgia.

  • We operate Dublin’s Visitors Center in partnership with DLCRA. Open 7 days a week, we serve about 4,000 cups of free coffee to our over 20,000 visitors a year. And who do we tell them about? That’s right: YOU. Not only do we tell them about it, we blog about it, Facebook it, Instagram it and Tweet it…all the time all Dublin GA!.  Let’s go a little deeper…but first, coffee.
  • We call it tourism product development. Visitors say, “What’s there to do in Dublin?” We answer with projects like the print Downtown Walking Tour, Downtown Walking & Audio Tour, Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park, Bike Trail & River walk plans, and DubJam. In the past four years, our websites (yes, there’s 9 of them) and brochures have won awards, we’ve taught professionals across the state how to do what we do, we’ve hosted art exhibits, songwriters series, developed a new St. Patrick’s Festival website, we’ve served on state boards, hosted countless meetings, and gotten our hands dirty improving Stubbs Park. We don’t like the glory; we love the nitty gritty.
  • Promotion comes naturally to us. We work closely with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Tourism Division to spread the Dublin love through their outlets. We keep over 150 listings live and changing on ExploreGeorgia.org, pay for professional photoshoots of dining, shopping, and lodging destinations, supply fresh new ideas for their “Top Lists” for features in blogs and event posts, help with campaigns like #ExploreGeorgiaPup, and coordinate and host travel writer tours, state meetings, and events. WheW. And coffee keeps us smiling and creative!

The US in Team

Rebecca Johnson, Executive Director

“Bossie” is the creative genius behind our goals, tossing new ideas, projects, and brainstorms like rapid-fire balls with precision. She fell in love with Dublin in 1996 and moved here in 2005. She has helped form links of partnership across the state to build an economic engine for the Laurens County community. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park…yep, she did a thing with the help of over 200 friends!

Miriam Ponton, Assistant Director

“Pontonorelli” is Project Manager extraordinaire…but at Visit Dublin GA what does that mean? It means going with the ever-changing flow of developing new products and events to catch and captivate the attention of our visitors, always catching and juggling the balls Bossie throws, and constantly searching for those #goodvibesahead. Some days are spent in the office, writing content for websites, answering emails, blogging, making lists (yes, lots of lists), creating upcoming projects, while other days are spent in the sun (or rain) setting up for events, walking paths and sidewalks as a tourist would, and experiencing Dublin and Laurens County through their eyes.

Conesha Rozier, Group Sales Manager

“Nesha” is a proud Dublin native who loves to make people laugh and smile. Charismatic, chatty, and kooky, she is a serial bacon and eggs eater who loves human people, nonhuman people of the pet variety, coffee, and driving her turbo car. Nesha received a BS in Psychology at Middle Georgia State University in 2017. She joined the Visit Dublin Ga team in 2019 as the Visitors Center Coordinator and is now the Group Sales Manager. Her goal in life is to make a strong impact on every person she encounters.

Now you

So we’re all about Laurens County and sharing her beauty with the world. We want to know about you. Show us your Dublin, your Montrose, your Cadwell, your Rentz, your East Dublin, your Dudley, and your Dexter using #DublinGA.

And we’ll show the world.

Job Opportunities

Visit Dublin GA is looking for charisma, skill and a whole lotta heart!

Guest Experience & Sales Manager: This is a full time position at the Dublin Visitors Center. It is open until filled. Email resumes to rebecca@visitdublinga.org 

Regional Visitors Information Center Coordinator: This is a part time position at Dublin’s Visitors Information Center. It is open until filled. Email resumes to rebecca@visitdublinga.org


You want stats? Here’s the hard numbers proving tourism works if you work it!

If You Build it

They will come. And visitors are coming! Here’s a link to all the websites Visit Dublin GA has developed and maintains to keep the tourism traffic flowing into Laurens County.

2019 Resource Team Report

They came, they saw, and they dreamed. Laurens County’s 2019 GDEcD Resource Team saw every corner of Laurens County and came up with a vision to draw ever more tourists to experience her wonderful-ness.

Here’s the report:

Dublin Laurens Co. TPD REPORT FINAL

Our Partners

Explore Georgia

ExploreGeorgia.org is Georgia’s official tourism website, with travel ideas, planning tools and exclusive special offers. Everything you need to find and plan the perfect Georgia experience.


Magnolia Midlands Travel Association

Discover the real Georgia on the back roads, a vast fertile plain of uncrowded highways taking travelers to small Southern towns at a slow and simple pace. Known as the Magnolia Midlands, here you will find rich agricultural heritage, beautiful rivers and lakes, abundant wildlife, shopping and small town festivals.

City of Dublin

Welcome to the City of Dublin, where small town southern charm and a determination to keep Dublin-Laurens County “Green and Growing” have combined to create a community rich in character and full of life.

Laurens County

From vibrant history to progressive infrastructure, Laurens County works to keep the community on the cutting edge while embracing its rich heritage.


Downtown Dublin Development Authority

Downtown Dublin is a comeback kid. See how the Downtown Dublin Development Authority is revolutionizing downtown by finding modern uses for historic buildings and creating beautiful public spaces.

Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority

Our friends in fun, Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority hosts a wealth of events, are our right-hand man in keeping the Visitors Center vibrant, and have partnered with us on grant projects to refresh Stubbs Park.

Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority

We like builders. We love economic development. So partnering with Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority comes naturally! They get we’re building something in Laurens County. If you want to build your industry in Laurens County, contact them. You couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Dublin-Laurens County Chamber of Commerce

Come experience firsthand how the Chamber creates a business environment where everyone works together to make our community a better place to live, work, play and retire.